Racing World

Racing World Vienna on Riesenradplatz is the first location in Austria to exclusively offer the best high-end 3D racing simulators with 3D glasses!

Experience the best virtual reality full-motion based racing simulators with 3D glasses for maximum driving fun and speed rush with realistic driving dynamics, such as acceleration, braking, steering, curves... Immerse yourself in a race in virtual reality!

100% racing feeling & fun without risk, because you drive real races in a virtual environment. Up to 6 drivers compete against each other at the same time in training, qualifying and the race (15 to 30 minutes). Speeds, full throttle and overtaking like nowhere else. Perfect for beginners and racing pros. Maximum variety due to a wide variety of racing cars (F1, GT3, rally, supercars, historic cars), racetracks and levels of difficulty. Audience and spectators are super live on screens during the race.

Ideal for company/customer events, celebrations/parties, as an incentive or for event agencies.

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