The scariest time of the year is also celebrated in the Prater. Zombies, living dead and other creepy people take over the Prater on October 31. Storytellers, make-up-stations as well as the Halloween-parade and the Burning Calafati give you goosebumps.

Program / Dates


14.00 Uhr: Fotopoint | Riesenradplatz
15.00 Uhr: Zombieshocker
18.10 Uhr: Start of the parade
18.15 Uhr: Pick up the Black Empress
18.40 Uhr: Presentation of the parade | Rondeau
18.45 Uhr: Costume contest | Calafatiplatz
19.30 Uhr: Burning Calafati & fireshow | Calafatiplatz
19.45 Uhr: Special Guest | Calafatiplatz
19.35-20.15 Uhr: Fotopoint in front of the Geisterschloss with the Black Empress

Visitor information

Admission free! 

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