The Prater as an Event Location

The Prater offers the ideal ambience for events of all kinds: secluded, romantic or highly frequented places – they are all ready for promotion events, company parties and many more.

Event Areas in the Prater

Kaiserwiese – Royal Arguments:
As part of the entire Prater, the „Kaiserwiese“ has become a very popular outdoor location in the entertainment industry over the recent years. Numerous top-class events such as the „Wiener Wiesn“, Festivals, Pop/Rock concerts and many more take place here. In the open air and with a view to the Giant Ferris Wheel, the 9,000 m² area has got all it takes for a large event.

„Riesenradplatz“ – „Tradition meets Modernity“:
With its architectural arrangement, the „Riesenradplatz“ radiates a unique atmosphere and combines tradition with modernity. Thanks to the square‘s old-Viennese charm, it is the perfect site to place events in the perfect light on an area comprising 200 m² and to turn it into something very special.

Forecourt „Riesenradplatz“ – „The Gate to the Prater“:
The forecourt „Riesenradplatz“ paves the way for visitors to the Prater and is thus one of the most frequented areas of the Prater. It is the perfect basis for information- and promotion events.

Between „Riesenradplatz“ and „Hauptallee“:
With a touch of tradition, mixed with a pinch of green Prater by the „Riesenradplatz“, this avenue is perfectly suitable for information- and promotion events.

„Calafatiplatz“ – „Young and Colorful“:
The motto of the „Calafatiplatz“ is „Young and Colorful“. With its colorful design, this square irradiates youthly flair. On an event area comprising approximately 100 m² the motto of your event can only be „Let‘s have fun!“.

„Wurstelplatz“ – „Home of the Kasperl“:
There is no better place for kids, fun and joy than the „Wurstelplatz“ in front of the backdrop of the „Original Viennese Parterkasperl“. The artistic fountain and the cultivated green area provide the square with a unique character.

Various events can be perfectly staged here between trees, gastronomy units and Prater attractions.

Event Areas in the Prater - Facts

Event area: 9.000 m²

Event area: 200 m²
W-LAN (free) / glass fiber network (subject to charge)
power connections (up to 6 x 124 A)

Forecourt "Riesenradplatz"
Event area: 60 m²
power connection (1 x 32 A)
W-LAN (free of charge)
suitable for promotion- and info-events

Road between "Riesenradplatz" and "Hauptallee"
Event area: 80 m²
suitable for promotion- and info-events

Event area: 100 m²

Event area: 300 m²

Event area: 80 m²

Additional Services

The following services can be offered by the Prater Wien GmbH:

- Announcement of your event on our homepage
- Info-steles (8 screens in the Prater)
- LED-Wall "Riesenradplatz"
- Special Newsletter mailing
- Flyer/posters at the Infopoints

In case of interest please contact our Eventmanagement at