Prater Wien GmbH

Prater Wien GmbH, a company of the city of Vienna, is responsible for the management of the location Prater. The main focus of the company is increasingly on marketing and communication, as well as public relations in order to support the Prater companies and to improve and constantly develop the Prater.

Prater Wien GmbH aims at increasing the quality level, improving the appearance as well as enhancing the Prater's attractiveness to all target groups of visitors.

Mag. Michael Prohaska, Managing Director of Prater Wien GmbH

After receiving his master degree in law, Michael Prohaska - as a native of Vienna - started his career with the Magistrate of the City of Vienna in the area of real estate management. In 2010 Mr. Prohaska joined Wien Holding GmbH and was responsible for the coordination of the business units "Strategy" and "Project Initiation" under the lead of Managing Director Mrs. DI Oblak. One year later, Mr. Prohaska was appointed Managing Director of Therme Wien GmbH.

In Sepember 2012 he joined Prater Wien GmbH and has been facing exciting challenges ever since in an environment that brings back childhood memories day by day.