On May 21, radio 88.6 invites you to an Austrian-Ukrainian friendship picnic together with the 88.6 community on the Kaiserwiese in Vienna's Prater. The event is supported by well-known partners, above all Volkshilfe Wien and the recently founded association YOUkraine.

In addition to live music by Ukrainian and Austrian artists and joint sporting activities, traditional culinary delicacies from both countries await. These are brought from home and prepared together. The result is an event that takes up both the Austrian and the Ukrainian culture in all aspects and represents an opportunity for getting to know each other and a friendly exchange. The program is created together with the 88.6 listeners and the Ukrainian community - you can follow the development on radio 88.6 and The Kaiserwiese is available free of charge on this day and offers the perfect setting for a relaxed picnic in the Vienna Prater.

This is how you can be there

Anyone who would like to actively help out at the Austrian/Ukrainian friendship picnic on the Kaiserwiese on May 21 (be it with a homemade goulash, a game, beer benches, etc.) can register now under "Friendship picnic for Ukraine". "We are very pleased to be able to put together an unforgettable event with such well-known partners," says Ralph Meier-Tanos, Managing Director of radio 88.6.

Program / Dates

May 21, 2022
88.6 Friendship picnic on the Kaiserwiese in the Prater with Volkshilfe Wien and YOUkraine
88.6 community welcomes Ukrainian refugees!

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