Photography and filming at the Vienna Prater

The Wurstelprater awaits visitors with a large number of extraordinary motives and offers a colorful scenery will of charm and history for all kinds of photographs.

This unique offering has been used, amongst others, by the following prestigious productions:

  • Wilde Maus - Josef Hader
  • Dartort
  • Universum: "The Prater – A Savage Story" ("Der Prater - eine wilde Geschichte"
  • Kommissar Rex
  • Echte Wiener
  • Prater - a film by Ulrike Ottinger
  • Die 4 da


If you are interested in selecting the Wurstelprater as an unmistakable background for commercially used photographs and films, please send your application to

Marina Rathgeb
Prater Wien GmbH
Phone: +43-1-729 20 00–111

Click here to download the Application Form.