The Prater as an Event Location

The Prater offers the ideal ambience for events of all kinds: secluded, romantic or highly frequented places – they are all ready for promotion events, company parties and many more.

Event Areas in the Prater

Kaiserwiese – Royal Arguments:
As part of the entire Prater, the „Kaiserwiese“ has become a very popular outdoor location in the entertainment industry over the recent years. Numerous top-class events such as the „Wiener Wiesn“, Festivals, Pop/Rock concerts and many more take place here. In the open air and with a view to the Giant Ferris Wheel, the 10,000 m² area has got all it takes for a large event.

„Riesenradplatz“ – „Tradition meets Modernity“:
With its architectural arrangement, the „Riesenradplatz“ radiates a unique atmosphere and combines tradition with modernity. Thanks to the square‘s old-Viennese charm, it is the perfect site to place events in the perfect light on an area comprising 200 m² and to turn it into something very special.

Forecourt „Riesenradplatz“ – „The Gate to the Prater“:
The forecourt „Riesenradplatz“ paves the way for visitors to the Prater and is thus one of the most frequented areas of the Prater. It is the perfect basis for information- and promotion events.

„Calafatiplatz“ – „Young and Colorful“:
The motto of the „Calafatiplatz“ is „Young and Colorful“. With its colorful design, this square irradiates youthly flair. On an event area comprising approximately 200 m² the motto of your event can only be „Let‘s have fun!“.

„Wurstelplatz“ – „Home of the Kasperl“:
There is no better place for kids, fun and joy than the „Wurstelplatz“ in front of the backdrop of the „Original Viennese Parterkasperl“. The artistic fountain provide the square with a unique character.

Various events can be perfectly staged here between trees, gastronomy units and Prater attractions.

Event Areas in the Prater - Facts

Event area: 10,000 m²

Event area: 200 m²
W-LAN / glass fiber network (subject to charge)
power connections (up to 6 x 125 A)

Forecourt "Riesenradplatz"
Event area: 80 m²
power connection (3 x 32 A)
W-LAN / glass fiber network (subject to charge)
suitable for promotion- and info-events

Event area: 200 m²
power connection (2 x 32 A, 1 x 64 A)
Fiber optic network (chargeable)

Event area: 300 m²

Event area: 80 m²

Additional Services

The following services can be offered by the Prater Wien GmbH:

- Announcement of your event on our homepage
- Info-steles (8 screens in the Prater)
- LED-Wall "Riesenradplatz"
- Special Newsletter mailing
- Flyer/posters at the Infopoint

In case of interest please contact our Eventmanagement at