Viktor Gernots Praterbühne

13.5.2022 - 2.10.2022
Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater

The 2022 season offers something for everyone: from cabaret to jazz and blues, a new format called "Double Pack" and many premieres of new programs.

A few highlights this year are:

  •     Gernnot Viktor with his new program "Schiefliegen"
  •     Monika Gruber, Alex Kristan, Klaus Eckel, Thomas Spitsits, Michael Niavarani,...
  •     Beer Craft Festival in May
  •     Jazz & Blues Festival in September
  •     Music evenings from rock to Austro-Pop to Schlager, there is something for every taste

The Kolarik family also takes care of the physical well-being of the guests - in the usual 100% organic quality! You can experience the noticeably sustainable hospitality either directly at the Praterbühnenbuffet or next door in the Restaurant Luftburg - Kolarik in the Prater, where you can start and end the evening in a cozy atmosphere.

Viktor Gernot and the whole ensemble of the Praterbühne look forward to seeing you!



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Viktor Gernots Praterbühne 2022
13th May - 2nd October 2022
Prater 121, 1020 Wien, vis-á-vis Luftburg - Kolarik im Prater

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