Prater Museum

The distinctive building of the Planetarium also hosts the must-see Prater Museum. The Praters story is told here in a lively manner, based on lots of souvenirs, from the beginnings until today.

The Viennese historian Hans Pemmer spared no efforts to collect these pieces of evidence of decades of Prater history in painstaking detail and later donated them to the city of Vienna. Today, they are exhibited in the Prater Museum where they are telling stories from a time where washerwomen, draymen and horse cabs characterized the townscape.

Besides paintings and photographs, also historical carousel figures are shown, the old fortune teller machine, the legendary ventriloquist Maxi or the gigantic lindworm of an old ghost train. Athletes and wrestlers, jumbos and midgets, artists cut in half and other curiosities take the visitor to the past in a charming manner.

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