die Allee im grünen Prater

die Allee im grünen Prater - right on the Prater Hauptallee!

In 1537 the dense Prater floodplain forest was cleared by Emperor Ferdinand II and today's Prater Hauptallee was planted with its world-famous chestnut trees. 480 years later, in May 2017, entertainment entrepreneurs Philipp Pracser and Miridon Berisha opened the restaurant "die ALLEE im grünen Prater".

Today you are sitting under the legendary imperial chestnut trees in what is probably Vienna's most beautiful sidewalk café. And because traveling is so beautiful, we not only take you through several centuries, but also invite you to a culinary adventure across the Prater and around the world. Let real Viennese delicacies melt in your mouth, taste “international” and enjoy barbecue “Viennese”. And above all: “Enjoy it”!



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