Event gastronomy in the Vienna Prater! In the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT®, all dishes are freshly prepared immediately after receipt of the order and served on roller coaster rails.

The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Vienna is the only restaurant in the world that only sells drinks under its own brand. One more® is the name of the brand. One more® is also the motto of the newly developed sales concept in Vienna, which focuses on massively increasing entertainment and fun for the guests.

The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is the first restaurant in the world in which the food and drinks are catapulted through loopings using catapult drives before sliding to the guest tables. The transport sleds loaded with pots, cups or bottles are accelerated from 0 to around 30 km/hour over a distance of around 1.20 meters in length. So they have enough speed to go through the loops without any problems.

The ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® is the first restaurant of its kind in which robots on the shipping platform in the restaurant automatically place the transport sleds loaded with food and drinks on the rails to the guest tables.

The guests in the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT® Vienna are provided with a tablet, which is used to complete the entire ordering process.

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