Tritsch Tratsch - Johann Strauss Concert Show

Recently, Johann Strauss Concert Shows have been taking place four evenings a week in the new Tritsch-Tratsch Spiegelzelt in Vienna's Prater. The newly founded Johann Strauss Philharmonic celebrates the most beautiful Viennese waltzes, polkas and operetta melodies of the Waltz King from Vienna in its gala concerts, accompanied by exquisite Viennese Heurigen delicacies.

From the Danube Waltz to the Radetzky March: year-round evening gala concerts by the newly founded Johann Strauss Philharmonic

The Johann Strauss Philharmonic was founded by the orchestra managers Astrid Braunsperger and Philipp Grünbacher in the summer of 2023 and will have its home in the new Tritsch-Tratsch-Spiegeltent in Vienna's Prater. “Musicians from the best orchestras and ensembles in Vienna share a common passion in the Johann Strauss Philharmonic: with enthusiasm and dedication they dedicate themselves to the unique melodies of the waltz king Johann Strauss and take their audience into the world of the Viennese waltz and operetta,” says Astrid Braunsperger .

In addition to well-known waltzes, polkas and overtures by Johann Strauss, the orchestra's repertoire also includes songs and arias from operettas, which are performed together with internationally renowned soloists. The fixed points of the evening Johann Strauss Concert Shows, which take place all year round, are world-famous Strauss hits such as the Danube Waltz, the Fledermaus Overture and the Radetzky March.

Original Viennese Johann Strauss feeling paired with exquisite Viennese Heurigen cuisine in the Vienna Prater

The Vienna Prater - an amusement park and natural oasis in the heart of Vienna on the site of the former imperial hunting ground - already played a major role in the work and work of Johann Strauss. On the occasion of the marriage of Emperor Franz Joseph I to Elisabeth (“Sisi”) in 1854, the “Elisabeth Sounds”, composed especially for this occasion by Johann Strauss, were heard at the Imperial Festival in the Prater. And in the following four decades of his life, Johann Strauss repeatedly organized great festival concerts for his Viennese audience in the Prater.

“There is no better place for our Johann Strauss Concert Shows than the Vienna Prater,” says Johannes Martschin, CEO of Tritsch-Tratsch Veranstaltungs GmbH. “We offer our guests the most beautiful Viennese waltz and operetta sounds combined with traditional Viennese Heurigen cuisine in the gala mirror tent. We promise unforgettable concert experiences with an original Viennese Johann Strauss feeling.”

Johann Strauss Concert Shows start on October 14th – tickets are available now

The first Johann Strauss Concert Show will take place on October 14th. From then on it will be played every  Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m. and the Heurigen cuisine starts at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are available from €59 (reduced €29.50) in the rows of seats on the ground floor. Seats at superior tables and in exclusive boxes can be purchased from €119 (reduced €59.50), with the menus already included in the price.



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