Wiener Rösthaus

In the coffee roasting house in the Prater, green coffee will be processed according to Viennese tradition exclusively and refined by hand.

Here, roasting is not only a craft but pleasure, art and passion. Traditional gentle roasting guarantees top quality – the quality that distinguishes the Wiener Rösthaus. Many types of coffee are sourced directly from small farmers in organic quality such as from Indonesia, Panama or Guatemala. But also coffee specialties from India, Brazil, Colombia or Ethiopia are available at the Rösthaus, according to the motto: The whole world in a cup.

The Wiener Rösthaus also offers a broad range of goods and services related to coffee – from products for coffee preparation to coffee courses and trainings, gourmet chocolate, fine marmalades, mustard, oils, honeys, and many more. These products are all manufactured by Austrian small producers and family-owned businesses, who also share the passion for high-quality, domestic products.

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